Experience the opening of the Winter Park and some exciting activities

Right in time for the start of winter, the Winter Park in Atreia will be opening its doors. Experience exciting quests, earn experience points, take on raid bosses twice daily, and pick up lots of rewards in the process – including an Ultimate Ereshkigal Treasure Chest, a Class S Minion Contract (10 types), and the [Event] Selection Box: Warm Masquerade!

Running: 7th December 2022 to 11th January 2023

Enter the Winter Park

The Winter Park can be accessed by all Daevas from level 76. You can find the entrance in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, as well as in the Inggison Illusion Fortress and Gelkmaros Fortress.

Once you’ve made your way into the Winter Park, complete Ramzi’s quest to get the [Event] Winter Park Entry Crystal. You can use this to re-enter the park as many times as you want, no matter where you are. Get involved in event activities to earn Winter Park coins, which you can exchange for rewards at the three different NPCs.

Winter Park Activities

Daily Login and XP

Logging in daily and staying online earns you one [Event] Winter Park Coin every 30 minutes (max. 10 coins). The ice rink is located in the main area of the Winter Park. If you remain in the vicinity, your hero will also benefit from additional experience points.

The Sprint Race

Accept Domenick’s daily task and try to slide down a slope while passing through the gates along the way. Earn 5x [Event] Winter Park Coins as a reward.

The Ice Sculptures

You can also earn 5 Winter Park Coins in this activity. Talk to Ramzi and help collect [Event] Suspicious Blocks of Ice for the beautiful ice sculptures.

The Winter Park Queen

The Winter Park Queen appears daily at 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM on the ice rink in the Winter Park. Defeat her to make the Sweet Snowman and the Christmas Chest appear. The Sweet Snowman gives you 3,000,000 XP and the Christmas Chest can contain between 3 and 20 Winter Park Coins.

Ramzi also offers a daily quest, which also involves riling the Winter Park Queen. You will be rewarded with 8,000,000 XP and 5x Winter Park Coins.

Festive Feeling in Atreia

The capitals Sanctum and Pandaemonium coming alive with the festive spirit. Take a look around and gaze in wonder at the new Christmas decorations, while enjoying the festivities surrounded by merry Christmas music and crisp fresh snow. Pay a visit between 21st December 2022 and 4th January 2023 to receive a small gift via in-game survey.

No Holiday for Monsters

Atreia’s monsters would’ve loved to take some time off between 21st December 2022 and 4th January 2023, but the Daevas aren’t showing any mercy even during the Solorius Festival! Join them in hunting them down in Gelkmaros and Inggison and take advantage of the chance to loot some rare item drops. They may even drop Christmassy items between 24th December 2022 (midnight) and 26th December 2022 (11:59 PM).


You can exchange the Winter Park Coins you earn from your activities for rewards from the following NPCs:

  • Get the [Event] Winter Park Gacha Reward for 5x Winter Park Coins from the Winter Park Claw Machine. You can find an overview of the contents in our list of rewards.
  • You can use the coins to get entry scrolls and costumes from Mary.
  • Carol sells various consumables for coins.

Note: The [Event] Winter Park Entry Crystal, [Event] Winter Park Coin, [Event] Housewarming Cake, [Event] Warm Food, [Event] Winter Park Gacha Reward and [Event] Warm Drink will be removed from the game after the event is over.