Update 4.0 - The "Gunner"

Concept Art of new "Gunner" class revealed

With the upcoming 4.0 Update, AION receives three new playable classes we have hinted with the last 4.0 Update news, including silhouette images.

NCsoft Korea reveals new Concept Arts to lighten the dark. This time, the "Gunner" class is on spotlight.



Wild, wicked, mysterious, Wild West. Does this class fit into the world of AION? This was the first thought we had in mind. And we were not alone.

After we have received the Concept Arts for the new "Gunner" class, we lost any doubt that this class will find any spot in the world of Atreia. What do you think?

There is still no official name for this class as well as no information which main class it will be.

Pistolero, Gunslinger? Do you have any suggestions for the class name? Post your suggestions on Twitter or Facebook.


We are looking forward to the next Concept Art!

Your AION Team