Update 4.0 and the new classes

First pictures of the new classes in AION 4.0 revealed!

The countdown to AION 4.0 begins!

One of the many improvements and features in the upcoming 4.0 Update is the expansion of the class system by adding three new classes to the already existing ones. NCsoft published the first pictures and of course, we won’t withhold them.



The images show an outline of the new classes which have been presented with their temporary names on Gamescom 2012. The “Gunner” class will fire volleys of ammo at his foes while they listen to the devastating sounds of the “Musician” class. However, the third class is still a mystery. An engineer or maybe a Mech/Robot rider? Or just a huge gorilla in a tech suit? Even we are still guessing. Enlarge the pictures and guess together with us!

More features, for example improvements in PvP which are desired by many PvP players, will be announced by NCsoft Korea. The Update is expected to hit the Korean servers this year and is planned for 2013 in Europe.

Of course, we are still working hard to bring 3.5 to the European servers but we are already collecting information about 4.0 to keep you updated on the future of AION free-to-play.


Stay tuned and have fun guessing the third new class!

Your AION Team