Update 4.5 is live

Discover the new features!

Greetings, Daeva!

It is finally time: update 4.5 is here! Ready up for a new adventure – now on the European servers.

Here's what's new in 4.5:

The second specialisation of the Engineer offers more variety to the playable classes. Control an epic mech and teach your enemies the meaning of fear!

Honour Points:
Complete quests, defeat boss monsters and take part in fortress conquests – in doing so you'll earn valuable Honour Points and will rise up the Officers' ranks!

Instance entry system:
Goodbye cooldowns – in future each instance will be available to you for a certain amount of entries which then are regularly refilled. This way you'll enjoy more freedom and will be able to visit the instance sections with a lot more flexibility!

New instances
Eight new instances will put your battle training to the test. Reactivate the Rune's Shield Tower, free the Steel Wall Bastion and come out on top in gripping fortress conquests.

More information on update 4.5 can be found on our microsite and in the patch notes.

Veteran rewards:

In time for the release of 4.5 we have also expanded the veteran reward system: the maximum veteran level is now 60. For each activated Gold Pack you go up one level and will be rewarded for your loyalty with valuable items.

Have fun!
The AION Team