Update 4.91: Battle for the Landings

Releases 27/4 on European Servers

Update 4.91 is coming to the European Servers on 27th April.

Ereshkigal's army is pushing further into the Abyss and the conflict between the Elysea and Asmodae has ignited once more. The Landings of Tokanu and Magos are arming for a battle against the Balaur and Daevas of the opposing faction.

Landing Reinforcement

The Magos and Tokanu Landings in the Upper Abyss can now be reinforced. Each of the 8 reinforcement levels offer your faction advantages such as additional merchants, portals to Balaurea or to your own capital, strengthening magic and new quests. 

To reinforce a Landing, reinforcement points can be collected by doing the following actions in the Upper Abyss:

  • Conquest of garrisons and artefacts: take garrisons and artefacts and protect them from the Balaur and enemy Daevas. If a garrison is conquered, more quests will become available.
  • Conquest and defence of fortresses: take the Krotan, Miren or Kysis fortress and defend it.
  • Boss monsters in the Upper Abyss: defeat bosses (e.g. invasion bosses) to earn a monument for your Landing. Protect it from enemy attacks.
  • Launch an attack on the enemy Landing: group up with fellow Daevas for an attack on the enemy Landing and destroy objects there together to earn points for your faction. The further you and your comrades get, the more points you will earn.
  • Quests: quests can be completed in the Upper Abyss which will grant further points to your Landing.

Head into the Abyss on 27/4 and take part in the battle for the Landings – for the fortunes of your people!