Update 4.9: Omen of Change

Changes to Abyss and PvP

To prevent a spread of the Ereshkigal Legion, both factions have increased their defences in the Upper Abyss. The Freedom Wings of the Elyos as well as the Chaos Envoys of the Asmodians have positioned themselves on the west and east of the Upper Abyss. They have to stop Ereshkigal's forces, who are trying to pave the way for the return of their Lady!

At the same time, in the Lower Abyss, a mighty mass of land is appearing: the Stormy Isles. The Balaur are seizing their chance and have stationed their armies at this strategic location. It is up to the Daevas – including you – to put an end to the Balaur in the Abyss!

Changes within the Abyss

  • The Abyss core and the Divine Fortress can no longer be entered.
  • The Asteria Fortress and the Roah Fortress have been destroyed.
  • The Upper Abyss now has 12 new garrisons and 4 artefacts.
  • The garrison and artefact NPCs now offer weekly quests which are rewarded with Battle Medals and Insignia of Honour. You can only get Insignia of Honour in the Abyss.
  • Both factions receive an additional outpost in the Upper Abyss: the Tokanu Landing Site (Asmodian) and the Magos Landing Site (Elyos).
  • Treasure chamber instances in the Upper Abyss (inclusive Asteria and Roah) for players from level 45 will be moved to the Lower Abyss and will receive new names.
  • The treasure chamber instances for the Upper Abyss for players from level 65 can only be entered in the Upper Abyss.

Pangaea Changes

  • A new portal has been added that enables players to participate who are not represented in the Upper Abyss rankings. However the Battle for Pangaea remains limited to a total of 100 slots.
  • The portal appears after the start of the Pangaea fortress battle and serves to fill the remaining open slots.


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Screen Beschreibung Screen Beschreibung