Daeva Care News

Treasure chest with prized items!

Greetings, Daeva!

Our current Daeva Care action is bringing more improvements to Atreia – we’ve made the following changes for you:

The treasure chest within Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber now has even more exciting items! This includes the Magic Stone of Level Reduction, the [Jakunerk] Master Executor Commander's Armour Chest, the Greater Stigma Bundle, the Bundle of Illusion Godstones, the [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone and also the [Jakunerk] Holy Upgrade Serum. (A full list of rewards can be viewed further down this news post.)

We hope that these changes will improve your playing experience. But we are not yet done by half! We’re working on phase two of the Daeva Care action.

There’s plenty to look forward to!

The AION Team

Bundle of Skill Cards 1
Magic Stone of Level Reduction 1
[Jakunerk] Master Executor Commander's Armour Chest 1
Greater Stigma Bundle 1
Bundle of Illusion Godstones 1
[Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 1
[Jakunerk] Holy Upgrade Serum 1
Spinel Medal 3
Major Ancient Crown 3
[Jakunerk] Box: Insignia of Honour 10
Battle Medal 25
[Jakunerk] Fabled Godstone Bundle 1
Lodas' Golden Star 2
Shattered Spinel 100
+6 Manastone Bundle 1
Verdin's Noble Amulet II 1
[Jakunerk] Culinary Art Bundle for High Daevas 20
Revival Stone 2
Noble +5 Manastone Bundle 1
Ceranium Medal 1
Fortified Recovery Serum 40
Refined Recovery Serum 20
Running Scroll 20
Awakening Scroll 40
[Jakunerk] Drana Coffee 15
Recovery Tea - 20% recovery 2
[Jakunerk] Box: Insignia of Honour 3
Saam King's Herbs 15