The Elite Levels are back

Only For Experienced Adventurers: New Elite Rewards!

Greetings, Daeva!

Unfortunately we have to push back the release of our new reward system Platinerk Inc., but for now we would like to present a new round of the Elite Levels, here for you to work your way up and earn some rewards:

Are you a much travelled veteran? Do you rank among the elite of Atreia? Good news: the 20 Elite Levels are back! This time around they have new and exciting Elite Rewards such as the Hippo, the Ultimate Bundle of Enchantment Stones, the Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) and many more great items.

The Elite Levels work as follows:

  • If you’ve reached Veteran Level 80, each Gold Pack (30 days) used in the game increases your Elite Level by 1.
  • Each Elite level you reach unlocks additional rewards which can only be assigned to one of your character.
  • In contrast to the existing Veteran levels, the Elite Level rewards are not reset after 6 months, so they can be applied to another character.
  • As with the regular Veteran levels, the individual rewards can be seen in the tooltips from the respective levels in the Veteran system.

Note: the published elite levels are available until the release of the new reward system, Platinerk Inc., max. only three months. After that, no further Elite Levels can be reached by activating Gold Packs (30 days).

  • Your existing Elite Rewards remain available to you. These can be viewed and assigned to an individual character in the section ‘Elite Rewards’ under ‘Manage bonuses’.
  • In the overview you can still see which and how many Elite Levels you have achieved in the 3 months.
  • A countdown shows how long the Elite Level period has to run.

Full details and rules surrounding the Veteran system can be found here in our FAQ.

Have fun levelling up on your adventures in Atreia!
The Aion Team