Patch with practical features!

Improved instances for High Daeva, character appearance transference and more

Greetings, Daeva!

The summer entices your Daeva not only with the wonderful weather, but also with some practical improvements. Look forward to the following in the latest patch:

  • Optimisation for Siege Warfare
  • Easier Instance: Ashunatal Dredgion
  • Changes to the High Daeva Instances
  • Character appearance transference

Optimisation for Siege Warfare

Too many players online, causing sub-par performance levels? This function will let you improve your game’s performance in fortress battles and/or in PvP. The graphics setting reduces a selection of graphical options, improving performance. It can also be activated and deactivated at will. The quickest way to toggle it is the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F11.

Easier Instance: Ashunatal Dredgion

There’s another reason to smile with an instance where we have made it slightly more accessible: Ashunatal Dredgion. To battle!

Changes to the High Daeva Instances

The following instances are now also a little bit more accessible:

  • Elemental Lord's Laboratory
  • Adma Ruins
  • Arkhal's Hideout
  • Library of Knowledge
  • Kroban Base

Additionally, these instances have been expanded to include more quests that earn you experience points. You can find these quests with Boborunerk in Nosra/Esterra or in your capitals. Once you have completed these quests once, you will be able to accept the repeatable version of them. These quests are:

  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Adma Ruins
  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Elemental Lord's Laboratory
  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Arkhal's Hidden Space
  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Kroban Base
  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Library of Knowledge
  • [Instance/Group] Repeat Task: Garden of Knowledge

Character appearance transference

No matter if your character is picture perfect or completely repugnant, from now on you’ll be able to easily save their appearance with a screenshot.

Simply take a screenshot during character creation or character adjustment and share it with your friends and fellow players. The saved appearance can then be applied to a new character or an existing one.

The transfer will carry across all settings that were made during the character creation. The gender or appearance of armour and weapons are unaffected.

You can click the new Save button within the character settings screen to create a specially formatted screenshot that contains your character’s appearance. To save the appearance of a character who you are currently playing with, simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Print Screen.

The screenshots will by default be stored in the AION screenshot folder – under a name like ‘AionCustomize####’ (e.g. ‘AionCustomize0001.jpg’).

To change the appearance of your character using a screenshot, click on the appearance button within the character creation menu or use a Plastic Surgery Ticket or a Gender Switch Ticket.

Note: the files can be exchanged with others and they will still work, provided they are not edited. Please be careful with files you receive on the internet from unknown sources.