The New-Old Shugo Vending Machine

Learn all about the changes to the Gold Pack system

With the release of the major 6.0 update, Shugo Gold is no longer available from monster drops. Here are a few tips for getting to grips with the new system:

  • With an active Gold Pack you’ll earn 30 Shugo Gold for logging in each day.
  • Shugo Gold can be spent for valuable items from the Shugo Vending Machine.
  • There are a range of bundles available from the Shugo Vending Machine which changes from time to time.

The following bundles can be exchanged for Shugo Gold from the Shugo Vending Machine:

30 Packed Bundle of Gold Ingots 1x Gold Ingots Bundle
180 Box of Lodas' Silver Stars Lodas' Silver Star
100 Mysterious Supply Box [Rune] Mysterious Food
[Rune] Mysterious Beverage
Selection Bundle for Essence Jam
200 Mysterious Recovery Box [Rune] Mysterious Healing Potion
[Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum
[Rune] Mysterious Regenerator
450 Daeva's Hat Box Black Swan Hair Jewellery
Trench Beret
Modern Trench Hat
Headdress of the Enchanting Daeva
600 Daeva's Clothing Chest Black Swan Costume (30 days)
Trench coat (30 days)
Modern Trench Coat (30 days)
See-through Garment (30 days)
900 PvP Enchantment Chest Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone
Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone
Box containing Manastones
900 PvE Enchantment Chest Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone
Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone
Box containing Manastones
1200 Mount Selection Chest Tetragon Hopper - Dodge Monster (30 days)
Capra (30 days)
Nimble Space Glider (30 days)
Unicorn (30 days)
Phantom Steed (30 days)
3500 Shugo Vending Machine Mount Chest Box: Space Glider
Tame Wolf Box
Box: Cuddly Sheep
Sharptooth Hyper Box
Box: Pagati Aero
Thunder Steed Box