Update 3.5 is coming in January!

Atreia is getting even bigger - but also more dangerous!


Enter the final battle against Tiamat from the 16th of January, face exciting adventures with your legion or face your opponents in the new arenas.

The following awaits you:

Two new instances: storm "Tiamat's Fortress" and fight your way through to "Tiamat's Hideout". There you will face the Balaur ruler and her followers in the final battle. Do you have enough courage? With a bit of luck you will be rewarded for your victory with a set from the "Myth" category.

Two challenging arenas: in the new PVP mode 2v2v2, teams of two players each will fight for victory in "Arena of Cooperation". However, it's each to his own in the "Arena of Glory", in which four players face each other.

To leave the battlefield victoriously, both arenas require skill and tactics. As a reward you can receive Insignias, which you can swap for valuable items.

Mounts and new housing features: those who don't like walking or spreading out their own wings, have the choice between four new mounts. Housing has also developed. There are eccentric designs for your home and additional space for furniture items in the "House", "Mansion", "Estate" and "Palace" house classes. You can also accept missions for the good of your village at the bulletin board. If you successfully complete these, more merchants will open a business at the market place and offer rare goods.

Increase of the legion level: your legion is looking for new challenges? In 3.5 exciting quests await you, also the highest level of the legions has been increased to 8. You can leave a special impression with the exclusive group outfits or on the back of the legion Pagatis. Hop on now and charge into battle!

Have fun!
Your AION Team