Pick up some amazing offers in the AION Shop

Weekly Offers

Timeframe: 08/06 (9 AM) to 15/06 (9 AM)

Week after week the AION Shop offers new helpful items for your adventure or stylish skins to help create your individual outfit. Just today another delivery arrived, adding many new products to the range of goods.

The following goods will be available for a limited period amongst others:

  • Mermaid Set
  • Selection Box: Two-handed Marine Weapons
  • Wondrous Stigma Random Box

Flash Offers

Timeframe: 10/06 (5 PM) to 10/06 (11 PM)
Timeframe: 11/06 (5 PM) to 11/06 (11 PM)
Timeframe: 12/06 (5 PM) to 12/06 (11 PM)

Grab valuable items while the Flash Offers in the AION Shop are active during the timeframes above!

You have the chance during the Flash Offers to grab prized items at rock-bottom prices. But you’ll have to be quick since the items on offer are available only for a limited period of time. Unlike the Flash Auction, however, they are not limited in number.

The following items are available in the Flash Offers amongst others:

  • Jorgoth’s Random Box
  • Small Mysterious Moonflower Pack
  • Pirate King’s Treasure
  • Luna Gold Chest
  • Imperious Dark Tiger Pack
  • Lucky Chest of Odian Runes