Pick up some amazing offers in the AION Shop

Weekly Offers

Timeframe: 22/06 (9 AM) to 29/06 (9 AM)

Week after week the AION Shop offers new helpful items for your adventure or stylish skins to help create your individual outfit. Just today another delivery arrived, adding many new products to the range of goods.

The following goods will be available for a limited period amongst others:

  • Lucky Box of Power
  • Daevanion Transformation Pack
  • Daevanion Surprise Box

Wheel of Destiny

Timeframe: 24/06 (9 AM) to 27/06 (9 AM)

Pay a visit to the AION Shop, give the Wheel of Destiny a hefty spin and win some great prizes!

With a little luck, you could win some rare items such as the following:

  • +4 Extreme Weapons Chest
  • [Emotion Card] Summer Holidays
  • Transformation Contract: Vaizel’s Apostle

It couldn’t be easier to get involved. Simply click on the Wheel of Destiny in the AION Shop to get a spin. After purchase, the wheel kicks into motion and stops on a random segment, which displays your prize.