Get Certain Items in the Shop and Win Exciting Prizes

Take part in Ribbit’s Lucky Pot and get valuable prizes from 20/10 until 03/11!

How it works:

Purchase any item in the AION Shop which is marked with the Ribbit’s Lucky Pot symbol. The character you purchase the item with will automatically take part in the lucky pot raffle. You can purchase multiple items to participate in the raffle multiple times.

The Prizes

The 5 winners will be selected randomly at the end of the lucky pot event. Prizes will be delivered to their mailbox via the Shugo Courier. The following items are waiting for you this time in the pot:

  • Selection Box of Class S Minion Contract (10 types)
  • [Rune] Bundle of Class S Minionite (800 pieces)

The lucky pot items

If you purchase one or more of the following items, you can participate in Ribbit’s Lucky Pot:

  • Selection Box: Halloween Pumpkin One-handed Weapons
  • Selection Box: Halloween Pumpkin Two-handed Weapons
  • [Halloween] Shopping bag full of decorative ornaments (A)
  • [Halloween] Shopping bag full of decorative ornaments (B)
  • Jumpy Shugo Egg
  • Waxy Humpback Worg Egg
  • Garment of the Heavenly Lion
  • Garment of the Hell Lion
  • Magic Hour Set
  • The Red Witch and the Werewolf (Return)
  • Fancy Witch's Set
  • Sorcerer's Set
  • Kumiho Set
  • Star Witch's Set
  • Knight's Order of the Star Set
  • Occult High School Set
  • Terrifying Night Set
  • Alluring Nurse's Set
  • Alluring Doctor's Set

Good luck!
The Aion Team