Elite Crucible

Want a challenge? Participate in our event and gain rewards for your entire faction

After the monster invasion on the PTS has been successfully repelled and the waves of bosses have been brought to an end, vicious monsters are back on stage preparing for an invasion in Eltnen and Morheim on the live servers.

Are you Daeva enough and shred the waves of bosses into pieces before they do the very same to you?

Gather and survive up to ten waves and gain rewards for your entire faction and a chance on personal loot dropped by malicious fiends! But be well prepared – We won’t make it easy for you! THEY won’t make it easy for you! The bosses hunger for corpses!

The event will be held on July 30th till August 2nd on all servers between 18:45 – 19:45 CEST.

Check our time table at the end of the news to see for which server the event will start and when they will end up in a pool of blood and feathers!

Server timetable

Date, Time Germany UK France
July 30th, 18:45-19:45 CEST Balder Spatalos Suthran
July 31st, 18:45-19:45 CEST Thor Perento Urtem
August 1st, 18:45-19:45 CEST Kromede Telemachus Calindi
August 2nd, 18:45-19:45 CEST Vehalla Nexus, Anuhart -


You think you are tough? They don’t think so!

During the event, waves of bosses and monsters will be spawned similar to the Empyrean Crucible – Just more challenging for you. Of course, you are no challenge for them! Chosen badass bosses and monsters known from various dungeons, challenges and world bosses will appear and tear your armor apart and chew on your bones to prevent you reaching the next stage.

Each stage will increase in difficulty and all bosses and monsters from your current stage need to be eliminated to start the next wave. Yes, eliminate them. Send them back to the deeper parts of time and space where no sun shines and no moon rises!

Each stage has no time limit. However, the whole event will take one hour in total and your faction needs to reach as far as possible in stages to increase the amount of reward given.

The rewards will be given out when all events on all servers have been finished.

The monsters and bosses are in anger and await your presence. Finish them off before they slaughter you and your friends. You have no idea what nightmare you have unleashed!

Rules in a nutshell and Tips

* Sabotage the event by pulling bosses to cities or resetting them will lead to an exclusion from the event

* You can use your own tactics to survive the waves and are permitted to use either insane zombie rush techniques or the environment to hide from the bosses. A real Daeva of course doesn’t hide from bosses!

* After the max time limit of 1 hour, the monsters will be despawned and the event will be finished.

* We highly recommend using kisks (Alliance kisks e.g.) around the area to bind you in case of death. Prepare yourself well. You are fighting against several waves of bosses!


For each stage managed to be finished, the whole faction will receive 1 medal split up as follows:

* LvL 40-50 receive 1 Gold Medal per finished stage

In addition, we will activate an AP and EXP event depending on your overall results for all servers and all factions. A detailed calculation will be announced in the forums.

If all servers reach a certain calculated limit, the amount of medals will be doubled!

In total, you gain up to:

* 20 Platinum/Gold Medals for finishing 10 stages and reaching a certain limit

* 100% Exp and AP boost for a whole week

Rewards and the Exp/AP boost will be given out with the maintenance on August 8th.



Area: Eltnen – Eastern Eracus Desert, near the Mystic Spring of Anathe




Area: Morheim – Salintus Desert, near Fortress of Sorrow