The Grand Atreia Lottery

Lottery luck to minted millionaire – March's in-game event

Greetings, Daeva!

Have you always dreamed of being rich beyond the dreams of avarice? Then try out your luck in the grand lottery!
On 12th March you'll find vending machines in the form of a Shugo where you can buy a "Mega Kinah 300" ticket. Double click on it in your inventory to scratch it free and see what you have won. There are no catches - you are guaranteed to receive one of the following prizes:

  • first prize: 300 million Kinah prize money
  • second prize: 100 million Kinah prize money
  • third prize: 5 million Kinah prize money
  • fourth prize: 1.5 million Kinah prize money
  • fifth prize: 10,000 Kinah prize money

Bring your winning ticket to Lottorunyerk at the weekend who will be hanging around near the machines. He will exchange it for your prize money. Good luck!

If you do not have the Kinah required to buy a ticket at the machines, you can alternatively purchase them in the AION Shop – either as an individual ticket or a set of ten. Also available to buy is the Ticket Box, which contains fifty "Mega Kinah 300" tickets as well as an additional winning coupon for either the first, second or third prize.

Information about the event:

Duration: 12th March to 9th April 2014
Location of the machines: Pandaemonium, Sanctum, Tiamaranta, Northern Part of Katalam
Event NPC: Lottorunyerk
Ticket exchange period: all day Saturday, ending Sunday at midnight for the duration of the event

Boost Event

To celebrate the in-game event there will be a boost running from 12th March to 19th March which will increase your chances of gaining skill points in crafting by 50%. Happy crafting!

Have fun!
The AION Team