Play 3.0 now: The Public Testserver is here!

Interested players can download the 3.0 PTS-Client and use the increased XP-boost to test the new features and contents of 3.0

Finally! With the release of the 3.0 Public Test Server, the next step on the road to the coming AION update has been taken. Interested players can visit our dedicated 3.0 Website to check out the information on the upcoming contents and features, such as Housing, the new mounts but also the new areas and instances.

The PTS-Client can be downloaded from the „Open Beta“ section of our 3.0 Website.

Participation in this Beta test is open for anyone with an existing AION FreeToPlay account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create a new account for free here on our website.

In order to make levelling and testing easier and more comfortable, our hard-working Shugos have increased, quite dramatically, the XP-, Drop- and other rates on the Public Test Server. Getting to the levels required to test for example the new Housing will be a breeze.

As this is a Beta test, the Beta-Shugos have gathered some valuable advice for your consideration:
- At the end of the Beta test, all characters on the 3.0 PTS will be wiped. You will not be able to transfer your character or any items over to the live servers.
- You will only be able to play with a newly created character. It is not possible to transfer existing characters from the live servers.
- As this is a Beta test, you will probably come across the odd problem or bug. If you do, we would like to ask you to report them on our forums , so we can ensure that these problems are remedied before the live launch of 3.0.
- For the duration of the Beta test, the client will only be available in English. German and French versions will be available with the live launch of the 3.0 update.
- If you already have 8 characters on your account on the live server you can't create another one on the public test server. However, you can register a new account here, which you can use to play on the public test server.
- Caution: Activated Gold Packs on the live server do not active the gold status on the Public Testserver!

Have a good time testing on the 3.0 Test Server!

the AION Team