Update 5.0: Lost Memories

Release date set!

The great Cataclysm where Aion's tower split into countless shards and almost wiped out all of Atreia is now a distant past. But what really happened back then? What role did the High Daevas play in the events? The answers lie deep within your memories, along with a slumbering and yet unknown power...

Awaken this power in 5.0 and fulfil your true calling – live from 10th August on the European servers!

5.0 Features:

  • Rise to High Daeva and fight with the help of the four elements.
  • Learn new elemental abilities or strengthen your base attributes with the Power of Creation.
  • Rise up 10 more character levels.
  • Explore the regions of Nosra and Esterra, on your journey to the Tower of Eternity. There are also new quests to complete as you do.
  • Prove your worth in 4 new instances.
  • Give character creation another look: there's new facial animations and new options.

We'll be releasing update 5.0 directly in the improved second version format and in doing so, will be offering you more content from the get go.