AION switches to free-to-play on the 28th of February

Account transfer update / 3.0 is coming to Europe

The long waiting time is finally coming to an end: AION goes free-to-play on the 28th of February! The monthly subscription fees will become a thing of the past and your adventures as a Daeva will not cost you a penny anymore! Download the new client now to charge into Atreia immediately on the 28th of February. Get it now by visiting our download section or following this link.

The free-to-play switch-over is an important milestone in AION'S history and we're already preparing for the next one: in spring 2012, AION Europe will receive the update 3.0. Get ready for the new housing system, mounts and lots more!

You are an AION player and have prepaid subscription fees that continue past 27th of February? If so, we will transfer your remaining game days into premium currency as compensation.

For every day paid for in advance, you will receive six AION Coins in your account. If, for example, you paid your subscription up to the 3rd of March, you have five remaining game days. This means you will receive 30 AION Coins, which you can spend to your heart's content in our new shop.

So that we can give you your AION Coins, please give us permission to transfer your current account to the Gameforge servers by the 27th of February at 3 pm (GMT +1). To do so, log into your NCsoft master account and follow the instructions. We'll take care of the rest!

Your AION Coins will be credited to your game account when the account is moved and will be available to you once you log in to the free-to-play version for the first time. Players with a transferred NC account will also receive Veteran status with enhanced functions. Find out more info here.