Weapon design for the Rider

Create a design, win and become part of AION!

The upcoming third new class needs your weapon:

You have created fantastic concept arts for the Bard and the Gunner before. Now we are looking for a weapon concept art for the upcoming new class “Rider" and the best weapon concept from all submissions will be implemented in the game!

Grab your pencils, open your drawing programs and become a designer. With a little bit of luck, you will be able to go into battle with your very own weapon!

Send your concept art to rider_artwork@aionfreetoplay.com. We will pre-select the artworks and send them to NCSOFT who will then choose the winner and implement the concept into the game.

How can I participate?

  • The contest starts on 13th September 2013. Final submission date is 23rd September 2013.
  • You can send us your concept to rider_artwork@aionfreetoplay.com
  • Make sure to include your character name and the server where you play.
  • As long as the concept is your original work, you can submit a drawing by hand or digitalized. You don’t really need to have great drawing skills, the concept is what matters! You can also include a description and the idea you had for it.
  • The AION Team will select the best concepts and forward them to NCSOFT.

    Important notes:

    • You must be at least 18 to be able to participate.
    • NCSOFT will decide which one is going to be realized and confirm the final winner as soon as possible.
    • Entry Conditions

    We are looking forward to receive your ideas and wish luck to all participants!
    Your AION Team