The Luna Cube

Discover the new feature!

Update 5.1 introduces the Luna Cube. It contains a dressing room, in which you can store costume skins and reuse them at your leisure. Additionally, it provides you with access to two new mini-instances and offers regularly changing options and designs for the production of new costumes or furniture for your home. Moreover, the Luna Cube offers you the opportunity to teleport directly to fortresses.

Speak to Elly who can be found in every large city. She will be able to tell you more about the Luna Cube and also gives out quests for Takki's Adventure.

The Luna Cube

 To be able to use the new function, you will need Luna Coins. They can be acquired in the AION Shop.

Karunerk's Workshop
Dodonerk's Dressing Room
Kuntana Mercenary Training
Takki's Adventure
Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber

Karunerk's Workshop

Daily Design

You can produce a mysterious chest each day for free, which will contain valuable Luna materials. Additionally, it is possible to produce random designs of the day. Each character receives a different variant.

Special Design

Karunerk's Special Design offers you the chance to produce mighty equipment items using the materials you acquire in Luna Cubes (for example in Takki's Adventure). The availability of the items through production is however limited. The recipes will be switched out every 6 weeks.

Dodonerk's Dressing Room

Your favourite costumes and wing skins are stored in Dodonerk's Dressing Room, so that you can use these as much as you please.

The first two slots are available at no cost. If you need more space, you can expand your dressing room by using Luna Coins.

The appearance modification of items that you have carried out in the dressing room can be reversed there. You can find a corresponding note in the tooltip for the adjusted item.


  • Costumes that are stored in the dressing room can be overwritten.
  • Costumes that are stored in the dressing room can no longer be removed and used further.

Kuntana Mercenary Training

With Kuntana's help you can hire mercenaries to bring into fortress battles with you. You can also teleport yourself directly to fortresses.

Hiring mercenaries increases the rewards earned when participating in fortress battle.

Takki's Adventure

The 'Takki's Adventure' feature offers you access to two mini instances. Speak to Elly to accept the associated quests.

Reach the highest rank in these instances to be richly rewarded. Amongst others, you can earn crafting materials for Karunerk's Workshop and experience bonuses for your character.

In both solo instances you transform into a mercenary and receive special abilities that you can only use within the instances.

Hell Pass

The evil scientist Doctor Stein has unleashed a virus that transforms creatures into the undead. Only you can stop him and prevent the whole of Atreia from falling victim to the epidemic!

The Hell Pass is a defensive instance. Support the troops in battle against the undead army and defeat the waves of monsters as they come.

You can visit this instance daily. You can even visit it more frequently if you invest some Luna Coins.

Mechanerk's Weapons Factory

In this factory there are some terrible things going on. There are destructive weapons being made behind closed doors for a large-scale attack on Atreia, which needs to be stopped at all costs. Good luck!

The Weapons Factory is an attacking instance. Accompany troops and lead them into battle against mad Madrunerk's Shulack army.

This instance can be visited once per week. You can even visit it more frequently if you invest some Luna Coins.

Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber

If you spend Luna Coins, you earn additional rewards, including a key. You can use this to open Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber, which then can give you upgrade serums, manastones and much more.