New Items in the AION Shop

Free for lovers: get a Flower Basket or a Box of Chocolates twice a day and gift some love

Week on week you'll find new and useful items for your adventure or cool skins for your personal heroic outfit in the AION shop. Today, a new delivery has arrived which enriches the product range quite extensively: 

The following items are only available in the shop for a week:

The following items are only available in the shop for 2 weeks:

The following are only available in the shop during the event period (14/02/ - 21/02/):

The following items will sweeten the time around Valentine’s day for you and your friends:

Attention: the Box of Chocolates is for female characters, but only male ones can open them. The Flower Basket is for male characters, but only female characters can open it. Find someone to share with and give each other a gift by trading with one another. Every player level 20 and up will receive two items for free per day and account.

For a limited time, all items in the following category are reduced by 25%:

  • Bag Pets

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