Changes to the Hero Trials

Reward Adjustments

In combination with the changes to the Luna instances a few weeks ago, and as we already announced in the forums, we are taking a closer look at the topic of the availability of All Powerful Enchantment Stones and manastones in the game.

For this reason, today there will be some changes made to the quests and rewards for the Hero Trials.

We have made the following changes to the rewards in the 21-day rotation for the Hero Trials:

Hero TrialsAdded RewardsAvailability within 21 days
Find and defeat Arkhal in his Hidden Space 1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 2 times
Earn 300 Honour Points 1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 1 time
Infiltrate Nosra and eliminate 3 Raging Calyda Priests (Elyos) &
Infiltrate Esterra and eliminate 3 Raging Tarha Assassins (Asmodian)
1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 2 times
Find and eliminate 40 Asmodians (level 65 and higher) in the Abyss &
Find and eliminate 40 Elyos (level 65 or higher) in the Abyss
1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 1 time
Gather 300,000,000 experience points 1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 1 time
Defeat either the Raging Mezram, the Raging Megarion or Raging Mezaris in the Library of Knowledge 1 [Jakunerk] All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 2 times
Earn 400 Honour Points 1 Protector's +6 Manastone Bundle 2 times

We will continue to monitor your feedback regarding the availability of All-Powerful Enchantment Stones and Manastones and will make more changes as needed.

The following changes have also been applied to the Hero Trials:

  • In the quest rewards, all Ceranium Ceranium Medals have been replaced with Spinel Medals (the amount remains the same).
  • Spinel Medals and Lodas' Golden Stars have been added to the rewards for the quests ‘Find and eliminate 40 Elyos/Asmodians (level 65 or higher) in the Abyss’.
  • The quests ‘[Group] Raging Priests’ (Nosra) and ‘[Group] Raging Assassins’ (Esterra) now requires that the player kill ‘Raging Calyda Priests’ and ‘Raging Tarha Assassins’. For this, the required amount has been reduced from 20 to 5 respectively.
  • The amount of Raging Tarha Assassins and Raging Calyda Priests required for the quest ‘[Group] Enemy's Realm’ in Esterra and Nosra has also been reduced. Instead of 10 monsters as prior, now only 3 must be defeated.