Now live on the European servers!

The wait is over! AION Update 7.9 Part 2 is now complete, bringing a ton of new content and improvements! This post gives you a quick preview of all the features you can look forward to.

What’s New?

Transmog System: This system allows you to change the transformation appearance of your hero while keeping the stats of your favourite transformation.

Tempus Celat (Kaldor): This new map includes areas where your hero will continually take damage. Additional weekly quests and exciting PvP battles add an extra challenge.

New Ultimate Transformations: Collect Ultimate Fragments of Memory on Lugbug Missions to be able to transform into Nezekan or Zikel.

More Labyrinth Levels: Get ready for five further alternative levels plus different offerings from the Twilight Black Market Trader.

The Adventure Continues...: Following on from Inanna and Beninerk, experience new missions and learn how the story unfolds.

Tempus Fugit Improvement: Items no longer disappear after leaving the zone and there are now more teleportation options.

Other Improvements:

  • Adjusted the Lugbug Mission rewards.
  • Cube items can now be stored in the account warehouse.
  • Added runes for the Nezekan and Zikel transformations.
  • Platinum cubelets can be used for 10 points of Lumiel’s Transmorph (Valuable Morphing).
  • Honour Points ranking season adjusted and changed Honour Points required per Abyss rank.

Want to learn more?

Read the patch notes to get the full low-down on all the new contents and changes.