Update 5.6 Preview

Look forward to the new servers and the minions fighting alongside you

There are only a few more days until the new 5.6 update is out – get excited, because from 9th August you're getting reinforcements:

The minions are loose but don't be deceived by how cute they are – in fact, they're as fearless as you are. But it's not so easy to summon them. They will only join your side on Atreia's battlefields once you've made a contract with them. That's just how minions are.

But don't worry – you can get contracts from either the Neviwind Canyon, Museum of Knowledge or Narakkalli instances, or from the credit traders at the Shrine of Glory, Calypso and Kathua. Minion contracts are available for High Daeva from level 66 and above. When used, you receive a minion of a random level.

Once the minion is summoned, the summoning effect stats are added to your character and the minion's skills are available for you to use. You can have up to 200 minions.

Fuse minions of the same level to have a chance to receive a minion of a higher level. You will acquire stronger summoning effects and additional skill effects after scaled-up minions are evolved. Some minions have additional functions as well as their special skills, which you can use for 30 days after paying with Kinah (Pet Loot, Buff Master and Warning).

Brand New Servers

Look forward to a completely new start! Begin a new adventure on one of the four new servers: Fregion (DE), Padmarashka (FR), Miren (PL) - or on the international server Grendal, where you can play with English-speaking AION fans from all over Europe!

This is the perfect opportunity for you. Create a character and discover a new tutorial area as well as new starting equipment. It's doubly worth it, as the Angel in Sheep's Clothing Event is taking place for new and returning players between 2nd and 23rd August.

Each player starts on the servers with the same chances as everyone else, and the AION team will be keeping a close eye on balancing from the start, making changes as necessary.