Update 5.6 Preview

Fight in brand new instances!

Update 5.6 draws ever closer: on 9th August it will finally be time! Look forward to new instances in PvE and in PvP:

Museum of Knowledge (PvE)

  • For up to 6 brave players
  • Gather books and change the difficulty

The artefact core is unstable and the agents are hurrying to the centre of the Museum of Knowledge together with the vanguard to rectify the situation. The vanguard was able to defeat the Artefact Protector as he rose to block them, but the artefact did not return to its original state. Once they arrived at the artefact core, they discovered an enemy agent who was currently setting up a magical barrier.

The Museum of Knowledge is the third instance in the Tower of Eternity and continues the thrilling story set within the tower. As soon as you successfully complete the Garden of Knowledge and have completed the associated quest, you will be able to enter the Museum of Knowledge.

You change the difficulty level of the instance by gathering books.

Narakkalli (PvE)

  • For up to 12 brave players
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Attractive rewards for completed tasks

A lot of Daevas disappeared without a trace at the hands of Ereshkigal’s minions after the underhand Dredgion invasion. The agents suspected the worst and are sending you into the abyss to investigate further. You learn that a strange place has appeared high in the air over Reshanta - Narakkalli.

You can enter this new instance with up to eleven players. It offers a range of difficulty levels. After you enter, you will have a set amount of time to complete different objectives. Based on your results, the final battle and the rewards you earn vary. Give it your all as the more successful you are, the better your rewards!

Tower of Challenge (PvE)

  • Fight your way through all 40 taxing levels
  • Face boss monsters and pick up some great rewards

After the devastating invasion of the Dredgion, Marchutan and Kaisinel realised that current training was not sufficient to prepare the Daevas for new dangers and challenges. They created the Tower of Challenge, where Daevas must face illusion enemies of increasing difficulty. Across all Atreia, heroes were sought for who could master the tower to then rightfully earn their places at the side of the lords.

Facing this completely alone, you must consecutively fight through 40 floors in the Tower of Challenge, one after the other. Each floor comprises of an arena round with various monsters. The difficulty level and rewards increase, the further in you progress. On certain floors more demanding boss monsters will appear, who after their defeat offer bigger rewards. But fear not, all this is merely training: if you don’t succeed you can immediately try again.

A rankings will show how quickly you have completed the final floor (40) during an event season. The quickest 100 players amongst you will get rewards correspondent to their rank.

Neviwind Canyon (PvP)

  • The instance starts with 24 versus 24 players
  • Call for reinforcements and play with 96 players on each side
  • Collect Battlefield Points and exchange them for useful items

As one part of the artefact core has been lost, Asmodians and Elyos alike are investigating the Tower of Eternity and are finding previously secret locations. In the ancient town of Jotun, they came across a fragment of the artefact core. Both factions sent their best troops to retrieve it.

The Neviwind Canyon is a massive PvP battlefield that starts with 24 players on both sides (24 vs. 24). During the course of the fight, more players are able to enter so that eventually 96 players fight against 96 for honour and glory. The gathered Battlefield Points can be exchanged for items that can only be used on the battlefield. Depending on how many participants there are, additional monsters appear which also give you Battlefield Points.

Gold Arena (PvP)

  • New: group battles with 6 players on each side

Group fights have been added to the Gold Arena! You will soon be able to face up against each other in teams of 6 players.

Stay tuned and see what else update 5.6 has got in store for you!