The Painter and the Stella Development Laboratory!

AION update 7.0 is ready to roll and anticipation is at an all time high! To help with the wait, we’ve prepared a little preview of the coming update in this news:


Discover the New Class Specialisation!

Atreia will soon be flecked with colour: the new update brings the Painter, the long-awaited class specialisation for the Artist.

Colour me happy: armed with their mighty Paint Rings, the Painter uses the power of Aether Colours and wipes the floor with their foes by shooting them with colourful projectiles. But that’s not all they can do – so stay tuned!

Are you ready for a full can of painting action?


Master the Missions in Stella Development Laboratory!

Stop the outlaws, free the Stella Development Laboratory and clean up on rewards! You will be able to enter the lab in the Stella Industrial Site with up to 5 players from level 80 on. Make arrangements with your friends and try the two difficulties out together: both offer different rewards.

Have you got what it takes to overcome the outlaws in Stella Development Laboratory?

Look forward to other feisty challenges:

  • Two further Lugbug missions are ready for you, which offer the chance at some valuable rewards upon completion.
  • The Tower of Challenge also has a new difficulty and a new seasonal ranking list.
  • Like to do things solo? No problem, the Narakkalli instance will soon be open for solo entrants.
  • Only the toughest get into the garden: a true challenge comes in the form of the boss monster that you have to beat in the hard mode of Prometun's Workshop. But don't worry, the normal mode is now a little easier.

To find out what else is coming in AION 7.0, be ready for 24th July when the update goes live. Excited?